Elige Educar


Centro de Políticas Públicas UC






Piedad Rivadeneira

Simón Sepúlveda

Camila Berger

Jorge Muñoz


A few years ago, the Chilean NGO Elige Educar came to Felicidad with  a daring challenge: How to get decision-makers to understand the urgency of investing in teaching careers. The message should be propositional, reinforcing the positive aspects of the teaching profession and press for public policies that improve working conditions. Our proposal? An editorial platform that would cast a new narrative and generate influence. An annual program of 6 dispatches to a mobile panel of 4,000 decision makers. A campaign whose slogan “La profesión más importante al corazón de la reforma” claims to put the most important profession at the core of the educational reform that was marking the political debate in Chile.

In synergy with Elige Educar, we developed the strategy, the content, and the design of the campaign – and it was a blast. The campaign was all over the media and it was received with enthusiasm by the audience, which reached over 3 million people: students, teachers, administrators, parents, directors and opinion leaders finally under the same flag. We could not thank them enough. Well – we actually could, and so we did:  over 6,000 posters with messages of thanks covered the city of Santiago.