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Res Pública


Book Design

Editorial Design





Piedad Rivadeneira

Gabriel Lobos

Diego Becas

Grupo Res Publica Chile is an initiative where experts from different fields think and propose public policies in areas such as education, crime, economy, housing, drugs, etc to be implemented by the government. With an election year in sight, in an environment full of promises of change, their big challenge was to draw the attention of those responsible for deciding and implementing public policies. This publication had to be the key contribution of Res Publica to the country. But to be honest, when we first received the editorial plan and the content, there was little room for daydreaming. It was hard to escape from what felt to be its natural printed form: a ring bound, thick and dense academic paper with a lot of contributions by respected economists and sociologists on a wide array of topics. But you know what? We were passionate about the ideas in it, so we felt we should explore a different path.

This book had to come out at a time of social crisis and turmoil in the country. Back then, Chile really had to make a change. And the proposals contained in this book were there to review all the social issues boiling across the country and eventually produce ideas to provoke those changes. There were incredibly valuable, interesting and transversal proposals from all political colors in there – we just had to find a way for those ideas to make it to the main public, and not get stagnated in eternal niche discussions between politicians or intellectuals. 

For that, we had to make it likable, attractive,  and make it pop. We had to turn it into a book you might want to buy in a bookstore, recommend to a friend, or share with your family or class. So we went for the most catchy and engaging design we could come up with, turning a gray word document into a striking and attractive essay containing ninety five proposals for a better Chile. The fluorescent colors, not so common for long-form political essays, are there to call the reader’s attention by creating a contrast with the typically droll look and feel of policy papers (and without the need to rewrite them). We printed it in five colors making the book something very special. If you ask for a book about Chilean politics, this is the one they hand you.