Delicia Studio


Camila Falquez


Brand Identity




Simón Sepúlveda


Delicia Studio is a photography studio in New York. But if you visit, you’ll see how reductive a definition that is. Led by photographer Camila Falquéz, the studio has been turned into a laboratory of inclusiveness, decolonization, fashion vanguard and social commentary on  beauty that gently and yet triumphantly celebrates minorities – a new beauty, as some might say. To which Camila would reply “New for whom? This is beauty and it's not new. It has existed in the world, on the margin, prior to colonization, prior to everything”.

Falquéz’s aesthetic universe dances with harmony and naturalness, solid colors and delicate figures, political power and social issues. Her deities are not to be found in the pristine Olympus of conventional, reassuring and glossy beauty. Instead, they arrive from the New York subway, a neighborhood in Cuba, a march in Mexico, or the sea in Puerto Rico. Based in Ridgewood, on the border between Brooklyn and Queens, Delicia Studio is the core of this gentle and yet unstoppable revolution. Through Delicia Studio, her work transforms the visual language around racial diversity, sexual orientation, and decolonization – some of the most controversial issues in the current social debate. 

As we were commissioned to build a visual identity for the studio, we had to try and combine these two souls existing in Camila’s mission and work. As a result, we developed a custom typeface, the elegant and recognizable Delicia, to evoke a tropical and cheerful spirit, while remaining sober and high-end. Mixed ligatures and exalted gestures in the serifs distinguish this semi-condensed serif typeface.