Javiera Peón-Veiga


Graphic Design




Simón Sepúlveda


Named after the Arabic word meaning 'spreader of warmth', Hammam is a transdisciplinary research project exploring humid environments and baths as a collective phenomenon of purging, regeneration and a social practice for healing. With a practice that combines dance and sound art, performance and writing, the project is (ehm) pretty vaporous: physical events, sound capsules, an editorial publication, a dance performance, body practices and steamy concerts. The project has been developed during the last few years through the exchange with collaborators from fields such as music, sound art, medicine, neuroarts, body therapies, geography and architecture.

All of these features had to be reflected in the graphic design. With the intention of evoking an experimental, transdisciplinary, and contemporary spirit of the project, we developed a branding that revolved around a solid acid green tone, a series of low definition 3D animation and a typographic identity. The bold lettering plays with the nature of the word as well as interconnection, ups and downs and, of course, soundwaves. We took care of every editorial outcome of the platform, both digital and physical.