Unfinished Camp




Brand Identity


2021 – Ongoing


Piedad Rivadeneira

Simón Sepúlveda

Antonia Guzmán

Mauricio Loyola


Founded as the art initiative of Unfinished, Unfinished Camp is an alliance of nine international arts organizations driven by the conviction that the next generation of artists should have a seat at the table as we envision the future of ethical technology. The alliance spans five continents and currently includes twenty seven young artists from Botswana to Brazil.


Unfinished Camp was conceived by a couple of figures you might be familiar with: acclaimed curator and the Artistic Director for Serpentine Galleries Hans Ulrich Obrist, and New York-based author and cultural strategy advisor András Szántó. Launched in 2021, Camp is a global platform to magnify young artists’ voices, gathering them periodically for face-to-face meetings (hence the name camp) for new worlds to emerge from their vision of the future. Spanning six continents, the Unfinished Camp Community is composed of nine leading arts organizations at the intersection of visual arts and digital innovation. Basel, Arles, São Paulo, London, New York, Beijing, Cape Town, Melbourne – all these cities’ institutions joined the alliance and selected three emerging artists to sit at the table of Camp and radically reimagine futures through a short film that explored the question what is the future of art in a decentralized world? Their works would then be premiered during Unfinished Live in Basel and New York City.

Such a global and inspiring event needed to be communicated boldly. We shaped the overall digital presence of the alliance – from website and social media discourse to PR, strategic initiatives and partnerships – to cast the eyes of the world’s leading thought leaders, art communities, tech guys and citizens interested in radical future onto this unique initiative. We produced films and promotional materials, designed multiple assets, suggested ideas, engaged with the institution’s discourse to contribute with our communicative vision to this world-changing organization.